• Full Body Massage

    This massage is tailored to your own particular problems, from aching muscles to a build up of tension
    Price: £42 - £56
  • Back Massage

    Excellent stress and tension buster easing muscles whilst soothing and relaxing
    Price: £30 - £36
  • Deluxe Back Massage

    Back massage including neck, shoulder and head
    Price: £32- £42
  • Harmony Massage

    Unique to Sheila Henry. This massage covers back, scalp, face, hands and feet bringing you back in harmony with yourself and the world
    Price: £65 - £77
  • Hydradermie for the Back

    A deep cleansing rehydrating treatment to clear the pores
    Price: £51 - £54
  • Body Blitz

    A great exfoliating and moisturising treatment - ideal the day before a spray tan to attain optimum results
    Price: £30 - £34
  • Spray Tanning

    A healthier option for deepening your skin colour
    Price: £11 - £18